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Cold Storage Door

Cold storage door is used in all kinds of cold storage, cold room and Constant-temperature workshop. It offers excellent thermal insulation and seal in areas with big temperature difference higher than 50℃ and humidity of 90%.
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1. Door Leaf

The cold storage door leaf is a fully enclosed integral frame structure, rigid polyurethane foaming, stainless steel inside and outside the door leaf, also available: painted steel plate, galvanized sheet.


2. Curve track design with great sealing performance.

The top track is a curve form. When the door is closed, the door leaf automatically presses the floor and the door frame. Good sealing performance is guaranteed. When opened, the door leaf leaves the door frame and rises, reducing the friction between the sealing rubber strip and the door frame and floor.

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3. Heater

There is a low voltage electric heater around the door leaf to prevent the door and frame from freezing at low temperatures.

4. Emergency escape Ring

The door also has a free escape device. When the staff is locked in the warehouse by mistake, the door can be opened smoothly by pulling the inner escape ring and pulling the handle inside the door.


5. EPDM Sealing Rubber  

The joint between the door leaf and the floor and the door frame adopts a special shape, and is resistant to low temperature and strong elasticity. The two planes are sealed to improve the sealing performance.


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6. Auto-Manual switch when Power Failure

The door also has manual and internal unloading escape devices in the event of a power outage or failure.

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