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Dock Shelter

The dock shelter installed between the dock and trucks,can effectively prevent external dust and other pollutants from entering the room during the loading and unloading, and provide a good environment for workers and goods.
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We produce and develop three different types of door seals, which have different  characteristics and are widely used in food and medicine and other high-cleaning loading and unloading ports, and is suitable for large and medium-sized cars. The door seal can effectively reduce the energy loss during loading and unloading, and block the weather and the weather, insects, dust pollution and other goods in contact with the goods in the warehouse vehicle.

1.Sponge dock shelter:

sponge dock shelter

It consists of three sections of high-quality sealing column.

The surface of the sealing column is made of high-quality high-density polyester fiber base cloth, and the interior is filled with high-quality high-density sponge. A yellow reverse bar is added to the front surface of the left and right sealing posts.

The top adjustment curtain is suitable for shorter vehicles.

The yellow scales add friction and an effective seal to protect the sealed body.

2.Mechanical dock shelter:

mechanical dock shelter

The front sealing curtain consists of three pieces of 3mm thick high-density black polyester with a yellow reverse bar.

The surrounding sealing curtain is composed of 0.8mm thick high-density polyester fiber.

When the truck is docked, the three sealing linings form a flap-like seal on the outside of the truck compartment.

The frame is made of galvanized steel pipe and aluminum alloy with spring balance for better impact resistance.

3.Inflatable dock shelter:

inflatable dock shelter

There are top seal posts and two side seal posts. The material is a synthetic fabric of neoprene rubber, and the sealing column is a central continuous cylindrical shape, which is continuously inflated by an external blower and equipped with balance holes in each part. Therefore, the entire working state will tightly wrap the truck compartment. Achieve the sealing effect.

4.Application features:

(1)Sponge dock shelter: This dock shelter is closed by the extrusion of the car. Its closedness is good, and all van models are required to be uniform.

(2)Mechanical dock shelter: This kind of dock shelter is closed by the high elastic door seal to the car, which is suitable for large vehicles.

(3)Inflatable dock shelter: This type of door seal encloses the airbag around the cargo port to enclose the car. Its sealing effect is good,

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